The Enterprise T&M-SEVICE is engaged into management of different new projects, also this of our actual, international customers.

The Name „T&M-Service“ stand for Technology and Metal and because of this I help my customers in the whole Europe to find the right production partner in this category. In this business i gather my experience for over 10 years. This is a very valuable support to cooperate with my customers.


My customers estimate the upper-case Service, that is very important vor them and also for me. The client should have the feeling, that he is all around assisted. That means if the client instructs me an order, I visit him with full engagement at the mainain spot, process the documentation, samples, introduce the production and delivery of the mass production.

Important is the knowledge of the technical language in german, english and polish, that I possess.


The production business and the work-safety section opperates close together. Because of that I supply my customers with work-safety clothes (shoes, trousers, gloves,  eye, ear, mouth protection etc.), too. Those clothes are thoroughly selceted by me and it guarantees high quality and a good price-performance ratio.

The offered products can be found on the catalog site. The item list is constantly expanding.